Wednesday, November 29, 2017

VIDEO: Dave and Sara Wallace Tackle Santa (Not literally. But kind of.)

My husband Dave joins me (and distracts me) as we talk about how we handle Santa every year. To read the original article that prompted this discussion, check out What to Do About Santa

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  1. Hi Sara - I just wanted to say thank you for this video. I wholeheartedly agreed with your article a few years ago when I saw it, and I shared it on Facebook at the time because I felt it clarified our stance on Santa in a genuine, graceful way. Well it started an actual feud with my SIL and much awkwardness with all of my in-laws. It’s still a “don’t go there” topic between them and us because of how highly offended they were at (what they perceived as) being called out about lying to their kids. Anyway I just feel that if my sister-in-law could just watch this video, she would maybe understand where you (and I) are coming from instead of feeling judged. I’m going to save this video and pray for an opportunity to share it with her. Thank you again for your continued commitment to speaking truth even in hotly debated situations :)